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Cleaning your carpet with shaving cream

How to use shaving cream to clean carpet

What you`ll need:

Shaving cream, scrub brush, towels, water, a little vinegar

Cleaning your carpet with shaving cream is very economical and effective. It is not easy to keep your carpet looking new. It only takes a short time for carpet to look like it needs to be replaced. Regular upkeep like vacuuming your carpet weekly and not allowing shoes to be worn can help extend the life of your carpet by up to five years. Regular vacuuming keeps dirt out of the carpet fibers.

There are numerous amounts of carpet cleaning tips that make carpet upkeep an easy task to maintain. The most simple and popular method of all is shaving cream. Shaving cream helps remove unfortunate stains and pet accidents from the carpet. It is always a great idea to test a small spot of carpet before using mass application. Although any type of shaving cream can be used, it is cautioned that menthol, colored, or even a gel based cream can cause carpet discolorations. It is better to stick with plain white varieties of shaving creams. It is also recommended to use foam instead of a gel to eliminate residue that gets left behind.

Shaving cream is simply a form of whipped soap. When applied it lathers up, penetrating and adding moisture to just about any stain. In a brief outline below, you will learn the steps required to clean your carpet with shaving cream.

Step 1 – Sweep the Carpet (Pre-Cleaning)
Before doing any type of carpet cleaning, sweep with a stiff broom to loosen and remove any imbedded dirt or debris. Sweeping first will also allow the naps in the carpet to stand up.

Step 2 – Vacuum the Carpet (Pre-Cleaning)
Next, vacuum the carpet to remove any dirt that sweeping may have left behind. There should already be a noticeable difference in the carpet.

Step 3 – Gathering the Supplies
Gather all of the cleaning supplies in the list to get started.

Step 4 – Applying the Shaving Cream
Spray shaving cream on the stain in the carpet and let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes. Use a scrub brush and gently rub in the shaving cream. Do not rub too harshly, as this can spread the stain as well as break down the carpet fibers.

Step 5 – Rinsing the Shaving Cream
Dampen a cloth in a solution of water and vinegar to rinse out the shaving cream. Blot it dry. The stain should disappear. Optionally, you can vacuum the shaving cream away instead of scrubbing it, depending on the type of vacuum you have.

When using shaving cream to clean your carpet, it is best to work from the outer edge of the stain towards the middle. If you begin rubbing outward, the stain can possibly spread.

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