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Terra Flooring


 1. Is Bamboo flooring installed similarly to hardwood?
Yes, it can be.  Bamboo flooring installation is the same.
Our Bamboo flooring is pre-finished, so there is no dust, mess or fumes.
The preferred method of installation is the “floating” method, where the flooring is set freely over a sub-floor.

2. Can I glue Bamboo flooring directly to concrete?
If moisture conditions are acceptable, Bamboo flooring can be glued directly to a clean, dry concrete slab with a one-part urethane moisture-cure, but we don’t recommend it as Queensland’s temperature fluctuates from morning to night and could cup or/and warp as it tries to expand and contract.

3. Can I install Bamboo flooring in a bathroom or laundry?
We don’t recommend installing Bamboo in wet areas because the risk of a dishwasher or bathtub overflowing and creating water under the bamboo causing the floor to warp and cup.

4. Do I need an underlay and moisture barrier under my floor?
We always recommend using it, Our hard flooring underlay range has a built in moisture barrier.


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