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1.    How easy is it to clean and maintain Terra Floorings Loose Lay planks?
It has never been easier to clean and maintain your Loose Lay Planks. We have developed an enhanced protective surface treatment known as Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial protection, which has been incorporated into our floors. Nano Silver offers outstanding slip, scuff and soiling resistance, resulting in an easier and more environmentally friendly regime for the cleaning and maintenance of your floor.Terra Floorings Loose Lay is very hard-wearing and like any hard flooring, regular maintenance will enhance the beauty and durability of your new floor. To assist with the care and maintenance of your  floor, please refer to our cleaning and maintenance guide.

2.    What adhesive do you use with Loose Lay Planks?
We use a pressure sensitive glue which is perfect for Vinyl planks, you can stick the perimeter only or fully stick the floor, even though its designed as a loose lay product we always recommend fully bonding it to the sub-floor which can still be removed leaving a tacky glue on the floor.
The tacky glue can be removed by using talcum powder which you can buy from any supermarket.

3.    Can Terra Flooring's Loose Lay Planks be laid over existing flooring like ceramic tiles or other vinyl?
Definitely as long as the grout line is 3mm wide or less, if its more than 3mm we can use a specially designed latex based smoothing compound which can fill in the grout lines.


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