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Why choose timber floors?

Timber Flooring – A Timeless Beauty

Timber flooring offers an elegant and timeless aesthetic in a range of species, colors, finishes and stains. If you’re searching for a more organic and cozy atmosphere in your home, timber flooring could be the perfect choice!

Wood was made to be an effective insulator by nature. Each cubic inch contains thousands of air chambers, keeping you warm on cold days and refreshingly cool during hotter spells!

Easy to maintain

When installing new flooring in your home, it is wise to establish a regular cleaning and maintenance regimen. Not only will this keep the carpet looking fantastic, but it will also extend its life expectancy.

One of the best ways to maintain your carpet is regular vacuuming. Not keeping it clean can damage its fibers and give off an aged, worn-out appearance. Vacuuming regularly is key for keeping up with maintenance on a carpet.

Vacuuming can be done with either a handheld or upright vacuum cleaner, however it’s best to use one with soft bristles as metal heads may scratch timber floors.

Another way to keep your wood floor looking immaculate is by regularly sweeping it with a dustpan and broom. Doing this removes grit and dirt from the surface, helping prevent scratches from developing over time.

Mopping your wood floor with a mop can keep it clean, but only when necessary. If the finish on your floors is lacquered or varnished, avoid using steam mop as the heat may cause cracking in the wood due to excessive friction.

You can protect your wood flooring from scratches by taking off shoes and boots before walking on it. Doing this prevents dirt, grit or stones from getting into the grain of the floor which could cause scratches.

Other ways to maintain your wooden floors include wiping up spills quickly, placing floor protectors on furniture feet and trimming pets’ nails. Having door mats at each entrance to your home can also help prevent excess soil from entering into the home.

It is best to avoid wearing high heels on wooden floors as this can cause scratches and dents. Furthermore, if there are children in the home, they should always stay off of the flooring.

When it comes to cleaning stains, you have three options: washing up liquid, white vinegar or steel wool. Depending on the stain type, washing up liquid will break down and dissolve the stain while steel wool works great for oily substances like cooking oils or grease. Finally, white vinegar can be used as a final touch by buffing away any remaining traces of dirt for an illuminating shine.


Timber flooring is popular due to its long-lasting quality. This type of maintenance can be done repeatedly, keeping your floor looking spotless if it gets a lot of foot traffic or heavy furniture sitting on it.

When selecting your wood floor, hardness is another important factor to consider – this measure of its resilience against scratches and denting. Harder hardwoods like hickory or Brazilian cherry are best for high traffic areas since they can better resist everyday wear-and-tear.

Timber floors come in a range of options, such as solid timber, engineered timber, rotary-peeled veneer and acrylic-impregnated wood. All are durable options that will last for years; however it is important to weigh their benefits and drawbacks before making your choice.

  1. Engineered Hardwood: This type of hardwood floor uses a thin layer of real wood over a composite core. While it may take more effort to sand than solid hardwood floors, this option is more economical and will last longer than laminate or vinyl options.
  2. Laminate: While less expensive than hardwood, laminate flooring isn’t nearly as long-lasting – usually only lasting about 10 years before needing to resand it.
  3. Bamboo: This eco-friendly hardwood is both strong and long-lasting, making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Not only is bamboo an excellent choice for longevity, but its appearance also improves with age.
  4. Antique Wooden Floors: Old-growth wooden floors are beloved for their weathered charm, which features darkened nail holes, saw kerfs, worm holes and slight cracks. This unique vintage aesthetic can be hard to replicate elsewhere.
  5. Antique Wood: Many antique timber floors are made from 100 year old barn boards that have been used as flooring in homes. This reclaimed material adds beauty and character to any residence.


Timber flooring is an incredibly versatile style option that can be tailored to suit a range of interior design tastes. Not only that, but it can also help create a warm and inviting living space that truly showcases your personality.

When selecting timber flooring, it’s essential to take into account the species and grade of wood used. This will determine how the floor appears and how much upkeep is necessary.

When selecting flooring for your home, there are a variety of wood species to choose from – each with its own distinct grain, colour and texture. Selecting the correct wood species will guarantee that your floor looks perfect in harmony with the rest of the interior design scheme.

You have a wide choice of finishes and patterns to choose from when it comes to your floors. These can be created using stains, dyes, paints, and other materials.

Another great advantage of timber floors is their ease of upkeep. While you don’t need to vacuum them every day, a light sweep and mop should keep them looking their best.

Many people opt for timber flooring due to its aesthetic appeal and versatility in a variety of rooms. The warm tones of Australian timber floors add depth and character to any interior setting.

Contemporary interiors are a popular trend, and timber flooring can easily be included into this style. Create an airy, minimalistic atmosphere by adding natural elements such as rugs or furniture to define specific zones.

Traditional design is a popular choice for Australian homes, and timber flooring can help create an ageless and classic aesthetic. There are plenty of Australian timber options that would suit this style perfectly, such as Spotted Gum or Blackbutt.

Engineered timber offers the look of real wood without sacrificing stability or durability. The primary distinction between engineered and solid timber floors is that engineered uses a multi-layer construction that makes it highly stable in various weather conditions. Furthermore, engineered boards come in wider widths than solid boards which is ideal if you want to show off the wood’s natural textures.


Carpeting is a type of flooring found in many rooms. It serves to insulate people’s feet from cold tile or concrete floors and add decorative flair.

Carpet comes in many varieties, from wall-to-wall to loose laid. Popular materials for carpeting include wool, cotton, jute and polypropylene.

Carpeting with a higher pile uses wool-based synthetic fibre that has been tufted into dyed backing material to create patterns or motifs. This process is similar to making a rug but with much larger pile.

The best part is that wood floors can be relatively inexpensive to install. This makes them an excellent option for those on a budget who still desire the warmth and charm of wood in their home.

Another advantage of timber is that it’s eco-friendly and renewable, which benefits the planet significantly. This is due to its ability to store carbon for long periods of time, thus helping slow climate change.

Carpeting is also easier to maintain and clean than flooring, leading to a healthier home environment for everyone – particularly those with children or pets.

Furthermore, wood flooring is more durable than many other flooring types, meaning you can count on it for years to come. Plus, its versatility means there’s a wood floor out there for every style and budget – no need to settle!

Research has demonstrated the health advantages of timber floors, particularly for those suffering from allergies. Since they don’t trap allergens like carpets do, timber floors may help alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like asthma, congestion and eczema.

Finally, timber has some beautiful visual appeal which could be an advantage when trying to sell your home. Not only is it visually appealing, but its high quality construction also lends your house the look of having been designed by top designers – even if you are on a limited budget!

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