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Terra Flooring is a South East Queensland’ shop supplying a variety of floor coverings, and with a track record of quality and dependable service.

Our knowledge of the best products available in the market, together with a long and trustful relationship with our suppliers, allows us to offer a shop-at-home solution that carries an extensive sample of flooring styles, colours and finishes. All with guaranteed high quality at a surprisingly reasonable price that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Client satisfaction is our core mission. We strong believe that our job is not complete until clients are completely satisfied with our services. In pursuit of our mission, we are committed to create value for our clients and be professional in everything we do. Therefore we have created four basic operational steps that we believe will help us to exceed everyone’s expectations.

1. In order to ensure that each order matches clients’ needs, desires and the correct installation technique, our first step is to provide our clients with a free on-site consultation, where the floor and sub-floor conditions will be an essential part of the assessment.

2. Based on the site conditions, product selection and the chosen installation technique. A detailed quotation will be prepared and delivered immediately for client approval.

3. Following client agreement, our qualified installers will perform the work ensuring the project is on timeframe.

4. Finally, in order to support our clients in making the right decision to protect their new investment; our after sales team will provide advice on the best maintenance procedure, products to use, replacements, repairs, etc.

Terra Flooring also offers a 12 months warranty for accidental flooring damage and a lifetime installation warranty.

* Terms & Conditions apply and are available on request.


Our mission is to deliver the best flooring for your lifestyle and a great customer service experience.






. We offer a lifetime warranty on all carpet installation*

. We offer FREE 12 months damage insurance on all our flooring products*

These are not limited time offers! These are our everyday offers, which we believe all our clients deserve!

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  • Damien Lacey, Manager
    Damien Lacey

    A History of flooring!
    My name is Damien Lacey, it all began when I was taught flooring from my father, he was in floor-coverings and began in 1969 in Wales.
    He came here to Australia after meeting my mother in 1979, in 1981 I was born, I was born in Sydney but left shortly after as my father decided to buy a yacht and travel the world, with no experience and no idea (like the old saying, all the gear but no idea) he thought this might take a few years but ended up taking 10 wonderful years.
    He had floor laying tools stored on the Yacht and would tell me what they were used for and about installing flooring quite regularly and I would pretend I knew how to use them.
    I loved the stories and I basically knew what job I wanted to do before my father ever did, flooring off course!
    When we came back in the end of 1991 to Brisbane I just turned 11 and I was going out every weekend and holidays with my father so I could help out, (probably more of a hindrance at that age) at the age of 16 is where I started full time in Floorcoverings and we covered carpet, vinyl, and laminate, laminate being a new thing here in Australia back in 1996.
    It was a great time working together and It is really enjoyable knowing that you can transform a home in a day, no other trade can do that, not tilers nor painters or even carpenters can complete a full home in a day.
    The best part is we are last and we always get the credit for the house looking amazing!
    23 years in flooring and many many more wonderful years to come and I hope you see you in this jorney!

  • Damien Lacey,
    Damien Lacey