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About us

Celebrating over 25 years of floor craft.

Handed down from generations our family has provided excellence in flooring solutions for over 25 years. Our success is determined not only by our knowledge, experience and dependability, but mostly by our client’s satisfaction. It is a labour of love that spans over two decades.

Quality Products

Our products have been tried and tested to last. Not only can they change the aesthetics of any room, they also last for the long-term. We guarantee the products we provide, which is a testament to our supplier relationships.

Expert Installation

Our love for the craft ensures that you will be happy with your flooring well into the future. We pride ourselves on taking the time to create the best outcome for your space.

Dependable Service

Dependability is at the heart of our business. We always carryout what we say we are going to do.

Our History

Rooted in our family’s rich flooring heritage that spans over five decades, we have cultivated an unwavering passion for the intricate art of flooring. The journey began unexpectedly, as I stumbled upon a hidden treasure trove of floor laying tools aboard our family’s cherished yacht. Intrigued by the stories my father shared and captivated by the rhythmic dance of his practiced hands, I found myself drawn into a realm where floors became canvases and rooms whispered tales of transformation.

At a mere eleven years old, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to apprentice under my father’s watchful eye, eagerly absorbing the ancient wisdom of the trade. Weekends and holidays became our sacred ritual, our vibrant symphony of creativity and craftsmanship unfolding within the very spaces we were destined to breathe new life into. From the plush caress of luxurious carpets to the resolute resilience of vinyl and laminate, every floor became a testament to our shared vision and unwavering commitment.

The passing years became chapters in a captivating story, intricately woven with threads of dedication and sheer devotion. As I emerged from the cocoon of adolescence, I embarked on my own full-time journey into the enigmatic realm of flooring. The evolution from apprentice to master was a metamorphosis bathed in sweat, tears, and countless moments of pure exhilaration. Together, my father and I defied the limitations of time, crafting seamless spaces that whispered tales of enchantment and comfort.

Over a quarter-century has passed since those formative years, and yet the fervor burns brighter than ever within my soul. In this moment of profound gratitude and boundless pride, I find myself standing before you, humbled by the magnificent fruits that have blossomed from our unwavering pursuit of flooring excellence. Guided by an unyielding commitment to quality, we have meticulously curated a collection of brands renowned for their unparalleled longevity and uncompromising durability.

Within the intricate tapestry of our collection, you will discover a symphony of possibilities—where timeless elegance dances with innovative resilience, and lasting beauty weaves seamlessly with unyielding strength. From the hallowed halls of historic residences to the vibrant corridors of contemporary commercial spaces, our handpicked brands stand as silent guardians, offering a testament to their enduring craftsmanship.

As we embark on this shared odyssey, I invite you to join us, to be enveloped in the embrace of our flooring legacy. Together, let us script new stories of transformation, where floors transcend their utilitarian purpose and become a canvas for dreams. In this extraordinary realm, every step taken is a symphony of confidence and every space we touch resonates with the harmonious melody of unparalleled artistry.

Welcome to our world, where floors become more than just a foundation—they become a testament to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship and the indomitable spirit of possibility. Welcome to the timeless elegance and unwavering durability that define our curated selection of exquisite flooring solutions.

Enter our realm, and let us embark on a journey of transcendence together.

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