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Combine the comfort and design flexibility of textiles with the durability of hard flooring. Developed for heavy-traffic commercial use, the award-winning LOOM+ range is one of the world’s leading woven vinyl plank products.


With profound colour composition selected by artists, LOOM+ Craft offers unique colours to create harmony in surrounding interiors. Play with colour, size, texture and laying patterns. Available in 16 colours and with two size options (square and rectangle), there are endless options to mix and match between various LOOM+ ranges which have consistent product thickness for seamless design.


Strong, durable and easy to clean, the softer surface of LOOM+ Craft and the extra sound absorption layer makes this a fantastic acoustic choice. LOOM+ Craft offers excellent dimensional stability, colourfast properties, as well as frayproof and curl-proof clean cut finishing.

LOOM+ also comes prefinished with one of the most durable Polyurethane factory finishes on the market. The ceramic enhanced PU finish allows for immediate use after installation and for the long-term reduction of required floor finishes. The protective barrier is resistant to stains, spills, dirt and scuffs and has anti-bacterial properties.


LOOM+ Craft is certified non-toxic, phthalate-free, and fibreglass-free fabric, making it a great choice for user wellbeing.


Sophisticated in its simplicity, LOOM+ Craft is a stunning design choice for offices, hotels, stores, show rooms and assisting living residences.


TILE SIZE:500mm x 500mm
500mm x 1000mm
TOTAL THICKNESS:3.0mm (Dryback)
5.0mm (Loose Lay)
COATINGCleanguard PU



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Beige – 2001, Brown Black – 2012, Burgundy – 2009, Chocolate – 2011, Dim Grey – 2018, Green – 2007, Grey – 2014, Midnight – 2016, Mocha – 2003, Navy – 2019, Orange – 2005, Sea Green – 2020, Umber – 2010, Walnut – 2004, White – 2015, Wood – 2008

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Revit texture files

Loom+ Craft – Beige 2001 
Loom+ Craft – Brown Black 2012
Loom+ Craft – Burgundy 2009
Loom+ Craft – Chocolate 2011
Loom+ Craft – Dim Grey 2018
Loom+ Craft – Green 2007
Loom+ Craft – Grey 2014
Loom+ Craft – Midnight 2016
Loom+ Craft – Mocha 2003
Loom+ Craft – Navy 2019
Loom+ Craft – Orange 2005
Loom+ Craft – Sea Green 2020
Loom+ Craft – Umber 2010
Loom+ Craft – Walnut 2004
Loom+ Craft – White 2015
Loom+ Craft – Wood 2008